As you know, Camera Equipment could become very expensive and there is no top limit. But if you want to make good photos as an amateur, you do not have to spend too much money.

And it's not allways a matter of your money. Sometimes you spend much more money for a camera or lense and results are just a few percent better than before. I'm always trying to get the best result for a reasonable amount of money.

For me (and especially for me), the equipment shown below is just 1.600 €. Be surprised, how much you get for this value.

Enjoy reading and ask questions, if you want to know more about. From time to time, I will populate this section with more Information (tests, photos) of my equipment. Stay tuned...

Cheers, Joe

Basic Equipment

The EOS 500D is a 15MP DSLR with 3,4 pic/s (170 jpg's in a row). It is able to make FullHD Videos (20 Frames/s) and is a really good deal. I bought the camera with the Canon EF-S 18-55mm and Canon EF-S 55-250mm in a Kit Box for just 842,-€. Great value for that price.

After a few vacations I'm getting tired about to change the lenses every now and then, especially on city trips. So I just wanted a cheap 18-200mm lense with a wide focal length and I got it from Tamron for just 148,- €. Ok, the lense is not the best, but for quick snapshots in a city trip, it's good enough. For night shots and long exposures, I always use the other lenses.

A few weeks ago I bought a fixed focal length (50mm) lense which is phantastic in sharpness and brightness. It's the "smallest" model (f1,8) for just 109,- €. There are two other versions (f1.4 with a metall bajonet) for about 330,- € and f1.2 for 1.399,- €. It's on your choice, how much you like to spend ;o). The f1.8 is definitely great value for that amount of money.

For my basic equipment I've just spent 1099,- € (approx 900 £ / 1.400 $).

02/12/2012: I bought a fixed focus lense: Canon EF 24mm f/2.8 from eBay. Should arrive in a few days... Read more then ;-)


The internal flash is just good for 3m. For other situations I bought the Cullmann D4500-C V2.0 for 99,- €. It's comparable with the cheapest Canon flashs and got good test result in pgoto magazins.

A tripod is a must if you want to make good landscape or night shots. The Nanomax 250 CW250 is a tripod with 4 segments with a height of 140cm. If you extend ce center, you got 160cm, which is good enough for me (I#m just 175cm). Its completely made of Aluminium and is very stable. It also has a "macro mode" where you can switch the angle of the three legs (Height is just 20cm). And the value is just 50,-€.

And of course, you need a bag. I took the Lowepro SlingShot 202 AW. It's just 50,- € and can be moved around your body. There you can take the camera out of the right side. I can put all(!!!) my equipment into this bag, incl. tripod and charger (an my new tablet, which will be explained later on).

In sum I just spent 200,- € for the accessories and together it's just 1.300,- €.

There are a couple of filters (polar filter) and others. So I have to add another 100,- € on top. I use HAMA Filters, cheap and average qualitiy.

Not to bad so far ;o)

Additional stuff (just for fun)

As a real nice gadget I bought a tablet PC from Lenovo. It's the IdeaPad A1 (7") with Android 2.3.4 for just 159,- €. I bought it as a photo viewer and navigation System for travel.

Additionally I bought the SanDisk Eye-Fi SD Card, which can establish a direct connection to the tablet. It sends the photos directly to the tablet automatically. It's not really fast but you do not have to switch the SD cards all the time. If you're in nature it's really amazing, how technology helps you. the SD Card was just 40,- €.

Together it's just 200,- € and in sum it's just 1.600,- €.

There are many other free software for the Android Tablet, to manage your pictures (Like Picasa, DropBox, Editors) to have real fun with your tabled. The 7" (1024 x 600) are an ideal resolution for travel.